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Star recruit Justin Rogers offers insights on Louisville, position, favorite players and more

Justin Rogers


Not only in defensive lineman Justin Rogers of Michigan the highest ranked recruit in Kentucky’s 2020 signing class, but he’s also a fun follow on social media.

Recently he invited Kentucky fans to submit questions on Twitter for him to answer — and best I could tell he answered them all. Not sure he will be allowed to do that once he’s on campus, but for now it’s fun to see the insights into his personality.

Here are some of the questions and answers from his Twitter interaction with fans (you can follow him on Twitter at @AllAmerican52JR):

Question: Would you consider moving back to the O-line? If so what would do it? Not saying you should just curious.
Rogers: “If they need my help on that side I’ll move back over there. In high school I played both sides it wasn’t bad.”

Question: What made you switch to DL?
Rogers: “Because people thought I wasn’t good enough to play DT … I had to prove to myself I was.”

Question: Xbox or PlayStation?
Rogers: “PlayStation of course.”

Question: How bad we gonna stomp that red team (Louisville) this year?

Rogers: “I’m trying to blow them out!”

Question: Once you get in the strength and conditioning program at UK, what kind of personal bests on some of the lifts are you shooting for?
Rogers: “My lower body I want to improve on my strength there.”

Question: What do you think the football team needs to take that next step? Example the 2018 team. That was almost a contender team. What’s missing?
Rogers: “We need to stay consistent.”

Question: Any NFL players you look up too?
Rogers: “Ray Lewis #52.”

Question: In making your decision, how big of a factor was playing in the SEC? Do you see other Michigan players looking more towards the SEC in the future?
Rogers: “It was a huge factor because there is way more competition down there! Yes I see more Michigan players moving towards the SEC. We’re tired of the cold. Tanks for having me!”

Question: Favorite Kentucky basketball player ever?
Rogers: “Honestly I’m not a big fan of Basketball in general but I plan on getting into basketball when I get there… catch me at the games #bbn”

Question: Restaurant you are going to miss most in Michigan? Best place you’ve eaten in Lexington?
Rogers: “I’m going to miss Coney Island, Bucharest, sweet waters and Gerry’s and best place to eat in Kentucky is Josie’s.”

Question: What player was most influential or who did you enjoy the most when being recruited by Kentucky?
Rogers: “I looked at a lot of people but just two people that I can think of right now would be @LynnBowden_1 (Lynn Bowden) @MccallMarquan (Marquan McCall).”

Question: What’s your 40 time?
Rogers: “First time I ran it was at Ohio State in 2018 it was a 4.9.”

Question: Do you feel more explosive in a 1 or 3 technique? Other than your bull rush, what moves do you feel are your best? What moves do you think you need to improve? How do you feel playing in a 3-4 D? I’ve watched your film several times, your pad level is crazy good to be that young!
Rogers: “I feel more explosive in a 3 most def! My best moves are a swim and a rush really anything that has to do with my hands. I need to improve on my speed and just overall my technique. It’s one of my favorites but I prefer a 4-3 D over a 3-4 D but I can play both.”

Question: Does anything about Lexington and the UK campus remind you of home?
Rogers: “Yes, how friendly the people are and just the town.”


  1. I liked his answer on his favorite UK basketball player. He is a smart guy, and speaks his mind.

    1. Yes, I think we are all going to love Justin Rogers

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