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Transfer Olivier Sarr could be huge contributor to UK’s team chemisty

John Calipari likes having a trusted voice in the locker room and it could turn out to be Olivier Sarr. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Olivier Sarr certainly seems like a “home run commitment” for Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari.

ESPN analyst Seth Green says he is a “perfect fit for the type of player they need” on next year’s roster at Kentucky.

“He really compliments the other guys they have,” Greenberg said.

However, the ESPN analyst says is it about more than just the talent the 7-foot center brings.

“Chemistry is the big part. When John’s teams are good they develop chemistry about third week of January. That’s when they are at their best,” Greenberg said.

“This kid will be without ego and a perfect chemistry fit for those young kids. They need another voice in the locker room. Sarr has had success in college. He is an older player with international experience. He will be a really good voice in the locker room and you have got to have that.

“One of the most under appreciated things John does is figure out who that voice needs to be. You are only as good as your locker room. When you get to critical times and your bench is shortening and stuff is going on you need that dependable voice in the locker room. That’s why Nate (Sestina) was so good last year.

“When things were not exactly right, Nate had the ability to connect with people no matter what. You could see it on the bench, in free throw situations. He could pick up guys when Cal was hard on them. I think Sarr will be very similar in being able to do things like that next year.”


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  1. The agent for Zion Williamson has filed papers in court detailing improper gifts and payments that were demanded by and received by his mom and stepdad. Of course, Never Do Anything Wrong Duke, denies this and you can bet it will be swept under the NCAA rug before Summer gets here.

    1. Your post is off the subject somewhat, but oh well. This Williamson story is old news if you ask me 33. Duke cheated with the Williamson recruitment, many people believe it, and Steve Wiseman, Sports writer covering the ACC, did a piece today letting it be known about the former agent filing court documents about these shady dealings involving payments to Williamson’s family. Is it true? I think so. Of course Duke denies it all, and the NCAA wouldn’t dare go after Coach K the great, LOL. Wiseman was also bashing the way the NCAA let Pitino off the hook, and now Louisville is left holding the bag, and suffering stiff penalties, with maybe more on the way. He even blasted Iona for hiring the crook. On another subject, rjkarl of Wake Forest fame,got you told on the Sarr story my man. You getting soft, LOL. You been quiet as a church mouse. Larry V and me covered for you though. I think Larry V booted this Wake Forest expert off this site just when we were having so much fun. I don’t think the guy is a UK fan, just my opinion, LOL.

      1. He was definitely a Demon Deacon sourpuss. It pains me to say, but early onset dementia is starting to make itself known. I fight it the best I can, but the hamster in the squirrel cage just doesn’t run as fast as he used to and sometimes forgets where he is going.

        1. Sorry to hear that my man. By the way the Steph Curry story involving Seth Greenberg while the HC at VT appears to be well documented.

  2. Greenberg was not much of a coach. That’s why he is not coaching now.

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