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UK quarterback commit Kaiya Sheron prefers attention on team, not him

Kaiya Sheron (Melissa Sheron Photo)


With the transfer of freshman quarterback Amani Gilmore, it just shows the fluid situation with any major college program when it comes to quarterbacks.

Somerset junior Kiaya Sheron verbally committed to UK in late March and plans to sign with the Cats’ 2021 recruiting class in December.

“The pressure doesn’t bother him,” said Sheron’s father, Kevin. “Kiaya struggles with attention. The one thing we have done right as parents is teach him not to want all the attention on him but rather have it on the team.”

Sheron was obviously ready to commit to Kentucky earlier than he did.

“He waited to commit until his basketball season ended to not take away from his basketball team,” Kevin Sheron said. “He knows for him to be a great player he has to have a team.

“The biggest struggle for him has been the attention he has gained by committing to UK. There’s not a lot of sports right now, so everybody wants to talk about the new commits.”

That has meant a lot more media interview requests for Sheron.

“I have told him good attention is the best kind for him,” Sheron’s father said. “He has always honored every request and always will. We very proud of how he’s done that and he understands why he needs to do that.”

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