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UK’s ‘ridiculous’ guard play next year still could get big boost from Davion Mintz

Davion Mintz (Creighton Photo)


Just how good could Kentucky’s 2020-21 basketball team be?

“To me, they are always going to be elite and next year will be no different,” said ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg. “But Virginia, Villanova and some other teams are going to be good, too. UK fans do not always realize that the other guys can be pretty good, too, and are trying to win that same national championship as Kentucky.”

The Southeastern Conference seems to be loading up as well. Kentucky has the nation’s No. 1 recruiting class led by BJ Boston and Terrence Clarke. But the SEC, a conference know for its football, had five of the top seven recruiting classes. North Carolina and Duke were second and third but after that comes Tennessee in fourth, LSU fifth, Arkansas sixth and Auburn seventh. Texas A&M and Alabama both had top 20 recruiting classes. That means seven of the nation’s top 20 basketball recruiting classes are from the SEC and this is a trend that seems to only be getting stronger every year.

Greenberg thinks Kentucky’s guard play will be “ridiculous” next season and feels Creighton transfer Davion Mintz, a senior point guard, could be a huge key for UK even though Kentucky also is bringing in five-star point guard Devin Askew.

“Kentucky has to get consistent point guard play. The kid from Creighton helps a lot as insurance on the court and gives John (Calipari) another piece in the locker room that has played at a high level because he understands the grind of the season,” Greenberg said.

“Freshmen do not understand the grind compared to where they came from nor should they, especially when they come to a place like Kentucky where everything is at a different level. John is going to challenge them every day. Every game is huge. That’s why having experienced players in the backcourt is so important and why I think the kid from Creighton is really important for all those freshmen.”


  1. And Goodman thinks cats won’t be as good than the previous years. Smh

  2. A lot will depend on Sarr getting a waiver to play this year, which I don’t see happening and then on how well Jackson can play the 5 spot and Brooks the 4 spot. Both are undersized and will be backed up by undersized players. Without solid post play, we will have to play run and gun offense and a smothering full court press like Arkansas did with Scotty Thurman’s team. Are we capable of doing that?

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