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Versatility could make Isaiah Jackson better than his national ranking

Isaiah Jackson (Waterford Mott Photo)


Don’t worry about whether Kentucky signee Isaiah Jackson is staying in shape waiting for when he can report to campus to join John Calipari’s 2020-21 team.

“He has a cousin that does training and he’s around him a lot at the house working out,” Waterford Mott (Mich.) head coach David McGlown said. “His trainer is very good. Isaiah has not been able to do a lot with the basketball, just a little stuff outside. But he’s staying in great shape.”

McGlown made sure he stayed busy after he transferred to Wateford Mott for his final high school season. The 6-9 Jacson has incredible leaping ability but McGlown had him concentrate on his “all-around game” to get ready for Kentucky.

“I knew he could dominate here doing the same things he always has. My challenge to him was to shoot four or five 3’s a game to expand his offensive game and let people know he was not just a post-you-up, defensive player,” McGlown said.

“I think he proved what he could do and let people know he is not just a back to the basketball offensive player and defensive rim guy. He’s got some offensive skills, too.”

McGlown says Jackson will do “whatever Calipari needs” next season.

“I know they will get him on a great workout program. He will be ready to stay inside and bang if that’s what they need,” McGlown said. “But he’s also like a deer when it comes to running up and down the court. He has an unusual set of skills.”

How unusual? Well writer Dan McDonald, program director at LakePoint Hoops, thinks he is the most underrated post player in the 2020 recruiting class.

“I honestly wouldn’t be too surprised if he ends up being the best post player in the class when all is said and done. I love how active he is to go along with his athleticism and skill level,” McDonald said.


  1. Wow! Sounds just what we were looking for and we had him on the team all along.

  2. Wow! This sounds great, and you know Cal knew, but we sure do need some added bulk and experienced big men. If Sarr is eligible, we should be fine. GO CATS!!!

  3. This sounds great, but he is missing bulk and muscle that will be needed to bang inside with the bigs he will face at KY. Give him an A+ for effort, but will he be able to hold up to a season of being banged by bigger, stronger players? Will Ben Jordan actually play this year?

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