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What impact has COVID-19 had on UK basketball recruiting?

John Calipari. (Vicky Graff Photo)


What has recruiting been like for the Kentucky basketball staff with the COVID-19 restrictions?

Assistant coach Joel  Justus says FaceTime and Zoom provide ways for coaches to contact recruits, but …

“There is just something about face to face interaction that you can’t replace,” Justus said. “So much of our communication now has our faces buried in a (computer/phone) screen.

“We have had face to face communication taken away. We are all longing to get back to that and know how important it is for us. So it has just been something we have tried to combat the best we can and work through it. But it has been difficult for everybody.”

Justus said when coaches can again get out and see recruits and others, it will be fun.

“When you have a charismatic leader like Cal who just lights up the room when he steps in front of families,” Justus said. “That is something we have really lost in recruiting cause Cal has not been able to get out there and see recruits and their families.

“All we can do us just react to what is out there. Everybody has the same restrictions but not everybody has a Cal to go out and recruit.”


  1. Great article. I agree. Cal is The Recuiter.

    1. Thanks Sarah

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