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What will Denyse Maxey remember most about her son, Tyrese Maxey, freshman’s season at UK

Tyrese Maxey with his dad, Tyrone, and mom,  Denyse, at the McDonald’s All-American Game in 2019. (McDonald’s All-American Photo)


What will Tyrese Maxey’s mother, Denyse, remember the most about her son’s freshman basketball season at Kentucky where he honed his skills into a likely NBA first-round draft pick sometime later this summer?

“Probably the funny stories about (coach John) Calipari that my son would tell me,” she laughed and said. “And trust me, we have some that are pretty fun. There were some funny moments and they were really fun.”

Like what?

“I don’t think I should share those,” Denyse Maxey said.

Calipari pushed Tyrese Maxey just like he had promised his parents that he would. However, watching that pushing was not always easy for Denyse Maxey even if her husband was a former college coach.

” I think even being a coach’s wife with a coach being  so hard on your son it is difficult. It’s not easy for any mom to watch,” Denyse Maxey said. “I knew he would be harder on Tyrese and I get that.

“I knew there were reasons why. I knew he was just singling him out and that Tyrese could take it. It still did not make it any easier to watch and I cannot say I loved it and if any mom can say they would have they are stronger than me.

“But I understood the reasons why and knew it would all work out and it did except for the end when the season got called off.”

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