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Will youth sports guidelines in Kentucky hurt baseball/softball development?


The guidance for youth sports and athletic events issued by Governor Andy Beshear and his staff seemed to indicate there could be hope for a high school fall sports season.

However, not everyone was pleased with how the guidelines read and it was more than high school coaches who had been hoping for me.

I have a friend in western Kentucky who was not happy at all with the restrictions still on baseball and softball, two sports that both have elite travel league teams in summer months that often can lead to college scholarship offers.

Here is the what my friend told me:

“I have quickly read the youth sports guidelines. Ridiculous. No softball or baseball tournament directors will want to mess with that. It’s a shame that the local parks will lose so much money. Everyone planning to go out of state to play. I wonder what kind of nonsense will be coming from KHSAA….they will mess around and decimate middle school and high school sports for years to come.

“Middle school is the feeder system and if the kids just don’t play school ball then where will they be? In Marshall County, they fired all the middle school and high school coaches for budget reasons until they know for sure about fall sports. Some of the coaches are leaving for other jobs. This is insanity.”

My 8-year-old grandson did have baseball practice in Tennessee Saturday. His team will play its first game on May 30 — two weeks before there can be any kind of even limited practice in Kentucky.

And Marshall County is not the only school system not to hire coaches back for the 2020-21 school year yet until schools find out if there will be sports next season or not.

I’ve also heard from several basketball coaches concerned with just what they will or will not be able to do with their teams this summer just like football coaches have been wondering.

Here is the information that was released Friday about low touch, youth sports and athletic activities (track and field, biking, tennis, golf, mini-golf, horseback riding, cross country, softball, baseball and T-ball.

Allowed starting June 15

May resume practices without competition. Practices should consist of ten (10) youths or fewer, with no more than one (1) adult coach per group, while following the Healthy at Work social distancing Guidelines for Groups of 10 People or Fewer. Multiple groups may practice but must adhere to the social distancing guidelines in the next section. Any individual not essential for the conduct of these practices should not attend.

Allowed starting June 29

May resume competition with up to fifty (50) spectators following the Healthy at Work social distancing Guidelines for Groups of 50 People or Fewer. Competitions, practices, and other activities must adhere to the social distancing guidelines in the next section.

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  1. I agree with him, it is ridiculous! Knew it when I read them. These stupid rules from Frankfort will slow, maybe even kill youth sports in the Commonwealth. Your friend is right Larry V. Kentucky is in for some weird days ahead sports fans. I am not getting my hopes up for youth sports to resume anytime soon, or fall football at the youth, high school, or college level, and maybe even basketball with this guy Beshear calling the shots. I hope I’m wrong. This pandemic is all politics now. Want proof? Just look west to California, north to Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York, and the lunatic liberals in DC. Time to open her up folks and let these kids and their coaches get ready to battle like Tennessee is doing per this article. Parents and coaches know how to use common sense. We don’t need a bunch of politicians using their power to take our cherished freedoms away.

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