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Anthony White wasn’t surprised by Erik Daniels’ “genuine” participation in protest rally


It was no surprise to former Kentucky running back Anthony White that Erik Daniels was not only part of the “Walk Forward Lexington” rally in Lexington last week but also one of the organizers along with Ravi Moss, another former UK basketball player like Daniels.

The rally was designed to give a message of hope as the country deals with political issues involving racism.

Numerous UK athletes including former football players Dennis Johnson, Shane Boyd and George Massey were also at the rally.

“Everywhere I have been since I first met Erik, he is always right there,” White said. “I have gained a lot of respect for him. I think what he is doing in genuine and I appreciate him using his platform to get some recognition for this cause but I just want to say Erik has always been a genuine guy like that. I am not taking anything away from any other guys, but I know first-hand he is genuine and likes helping people.”

White, a former all-SEC running back, came to UK from Ohio and has stayed in Lexington for his business career that includes being on WLAP Sunday Morning Sports. He shared a story Sunday about being arrested once on his way to do a high school football game broadcast for WLAP, a story he had never shared publicly.

“People there apologized for what happened,” White said. “Now is a time people feel they can speak up about stuff that has happened to them. Now I know some people think it is getting out of hand with people sharing stories from years back. But you have to understand you are hearing 40 years of things maybe that some people have been through because now there is a platform for them to use.

“Just listen. It’s not just all. People just want you to know things that have been happening for a long time and I appreciate what Erik and those guys did here in Lexington.”

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