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Danville police chief, officers will participate in protest to share right message

Tony Gray


A second protest in less than a week is scheduled for Tuesday night at Danville’s Constitution Square at 6 p.m. Danville Police Chief Tony Gray is on board with the protest over racial inequality in our country sparked by the recent deaths of several African-Americans by law enforcement officers.

“I plan to be part of it and have some officers that have made a statement that they want to be part of it,” Gary told me today?

Does part of it mean working crowd control or joining the protest?

“We are going to participate with them sharing the message,” Gray said.

He said there will be a few extra officers on duty to assist at the protest if needed.

“We are going to take the approach that Lexington and several other cities have and that is to be of assistance,” Gray said. “That’s our plan.”

Gray did not attend the first protest rally last Friday because it was the same night Boyle County High School was having its graduation that included a drive through downtown Danville by the seniors.

“I think you have to be open minded,” Gray, an African-American, said. “I feel like I have a pretty good perspective on things where I sit and who I am and what I do.

“I understand the anguish that many African-Americans are feeling. I also understand the spotlight it is putting the police in

“One bad apple hurts the rest of us. I get that. There does need to be change not just at the law enforcement level but also the level of the judicial system.”

Because of violence that has happened at some rallies, Kentucky State Police have asked to be made aware of scheduled protests anywhere in Kentucky. Gray is not sure if KSP will have a presence in Danville Tuesday night or not.

“I think things here will be fine. I have tried to stay with them (protest organizers) and work with them so we are on the same page,” Gray said. “If they want to reach out and show things that were wrong, let’s try to do it together and the right way so the message is heard.”

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  1. His right to do so, but how does he feel about all the police officers nationwide that have been killed, wounded, run over by cars, stabbed, and all while trying to keep the peace for the senseless killing of Floyd. Sadly from my view, this is becoming left wing political games now. As an American, not black nor white, just as an American, I am more concerned about “Obamagate” and what transpired during the 2016 Presidential election, and right now under a criminal investigation. Much of this protest is a politically inspired diversion timely launched by the awful death of Floyd by the left, with our cities in chaos, and businesses burned. ANTIFA thugs reaping havoc Who speaks for those people who have been harmed by the lawlessness Chief? Than God for Cops, black and white cops!

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