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Does Mark Stoops have best football coaching job in America?

Mark Stoops and Vince Marrow. (UK Athletics Photo)


Saying Mark Stoops has the best job in college football in the nation just doesn’t sound right.

What about coaches at Alabama, Clemson or Georgia? But what the story at by Steven Godfrey explained was that while UK might not be the most prestigious job, it certainly has many, many pluses with UK being in the SEC, recent pay upgrades for the coaching staff and solid job security without unrealistic explanations. I think I would even throw in Lexington being a great place to raise a family.

Cats Illustrated writer Jeff Drummond has covered Kentucky football for a long time through the good times and bad times. He’s about as fair and unbiased in his beliefs as anyone I know when it comes to the state of UK football — and he has far more knowledge about recruiting and depth charts than 99 percent of the people I know.

Here’s what he wrote on his site on how good a job the Kentucky position is after the story came out:

“I think Mark Stoops has re-written the manual, so to speak, for the head coach’s job at Kentucky. When he took the job, it did not have a lot going for it outside of a chance for someone to coach in the SEC. In previous years, that usually meant getting someone who may have been past their prime or someone at the other end of the spectrum with limited experience.

“If a guy did not fare well, he was part of the ‘graveyard of coaches.’ If he did well, he was usually gone for a bigger opportunity within a short time. Stoops has smashed the latter scenario by heading into his eighth season with the Wildcats.

“And it doesn’t appear that he’ll be looking for the exit any time soon. If he does eventually decide to leave, he will do so leaving this a much more attractive job for the next guy in line.”

Yes he has. Kentucky’s next coaching search —and I don’t think it will be any time soon — has to be a lot easier with the facilities now in place along with the talent pool Stoops has amassed and figures to keep accumulating with the way UK has been winning.

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