Don’t assume the worst for Lynn Bowden until we know all the facts

Lynn Bowden (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Seems like all day Wednesday that I kept getting asked about my reaction to former Kentucky star Lynn Bowden getting arrested on drug and gun charges in Youngstown, Ohio — his hometown.

Problem was I never saw any confirmation that he was arrested after FBI and DEA agents carried out a raid at the home of Bowden’s grandmother. A picture quickly was posted of Bowden handcuffed on the porch.

Friends familiar with Youngstown told me it was not unusual for everyone present at a raid in that area to be handcuffed when drugs and guns were involved. Later Bowden’s agency — Element Sports Group — released a statement basically confirming that.

“Lynn and his young son were guests at the home. During the process, authorities handcuffed all who were present to secure the area. Lynn fully cooperated with law enforcement during the search. At the conclusion of the search, Lynn was released, not arrested and not charged with any crime. In fact, no arrests were made,” the statement said.

The DEA released this statement on the incident Wednesday:

“Early this morning DEA, with the assistance of U.S. Marshals and local law enforcement officers, executed a search warrant at a residence on Superior Street in Youngstown, Ohio. No arrests were made and no public charges have been filed at this time. This is an ongoing investigation and no additional information is available at this time.”

ESPN reported that handguns and assault rifles were seized in the raid.

Bowden was recently picked by the Las Vegas Raiders in the third round of the NFL draft and the team seemed to have big plans for versatile rookie who saved UK’s season in 2019 with his move from receiver to quarterback.

The Raiders basically issued a “no comment” to the incident until more information is known and I have no problem with that.

Bowden was a steal for Kentucky when coach Mark Stoops signed him. Part of that was due to some academic questions, part was due to questions some teams had about his personal life.

At Kentucky as far as I know, Bowden had no major issues. He sometimes was a bit outspoken on social media and before the Belk Bowl last season he did get into a pregame scuffle. But nothing involving guns, drugs or anything like what the raid was about.

Kentucky recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow, a Youngstown native, thought it was important to get Bowden away from some influences in his hometown. But COVID-19 probably led to Bowden and his young son being back in Youngstown.

I’ve learned not to throw stones until I am sure where I am hurling them. Seems to me way too many fans — and even some media outlets — jumped to conclusions too quick rather than just giving the facts time to come out.

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