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Even his fiancee knows “everybody loves Landon (Young)”

Landon Young and Haleigh Johnson


Haleigh Johnson considers herself a “sneaky” person who is really good at finding out things. Yet when Kentucky offensive tackle Landon Young asked her to marry him during a weekend getaway in Gatlinburg in late February she was totally caught off guard.

“Landon must have prayed to God I did not look at his phone or go through his stuff,” said Johnson.

What made the surprise even more dramatic was that her parents and Young’s parents were also on the trip and nobody told her.

“Landon said they were handing the (engagement) ring off all day to keep me from seeing it. My mom and his mom went to the bathroom to trade the ring to give it back to him and I walked in. He said they about freaked out but I didn’t catch on to anything. I am sneaky, but apparently not sneaky enough to catch him,” she said.

Today is their wedding day — a date they picked before COVID-19 changed life so dramatically for everyone and likely will make a huge impact on Young’s senior football season, too.

They met in class at UK and she had no idea he was a star football player. Once she found out he not only played but was a starter, she apologized to him for thinking he might have been “someone who just stood around” during games.

Johnson is from Floyd County in eastern Kentucky, went to Pikeville High School, graduated from UK a year ago and works as an administrative assistant for the Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development. Young went to Lafayette High School in Lexington.

“It was definitely love at first sight. I didn’t know he was trying to hit on me in class at first. I thought he was just messing around. He would poke at me, do the typical things boys do to flirt. He did it to couple of other friends in class, but he told me he had to do that to not make it that obvious he was flirting with me. He plans stuff too much at times,” Johnson said.

She did most of the planning for today’s wedding in Lexington

“I just never thought I would end up with somebody that so many people talk about. Everybody just loves Landon, but that’s okay because I do, too,” Johnson said.

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