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Even without official visits, Jager Burton’s mother confident he can make right college choice

Jager Burton with his mother, Teresa, and father, Jeff.


Before he makes his college commitment, Jager Burton wanted to take his official visits — and who could blame him for that.

The Frederick Douglas High School offensive lineman has a final five schools — Kentucky, Ohio State, Oregon, Alabama and Clemson — and is still planning to make his college choice Aug. 24 on his 18th birthday.

Originally Burton would have taken his official visits in June and maybe made his college choice even sooner. He pushed back his commitment date hoping he could make official visits before Aug. 24 but that seems unlikely. However, his parents are not worried if he has to make his college choice without taking any official visits.

“He has been really blessed to have been to all schools left in his top five. We feel confident he has a good feel for campus and the academic side of his schools,” said Teresa Burton, Jager’s mother. “One thing we hoped he would gain through officials was being around players on the team a little more. That is a piece we got at Oregon because we went on a Thursday and they had a game on Friday. We spent the whole weekend there and had an opportunity to meet players.”

Burton has been an Oregon football fan since he was 2 years old and first saw the colorful jerseys the team had. His mother was not enamored with Oregon being on his final list initially.

“I was not a fan of Oregon because of the logistics but when we got there they were just solid people and at the end of the visit I shared with him (Jager) if that is what he wanted, I was fine,” Burton’s mother said. “But I really don’t think there is a wrong decision with the schools he has to pick from.”


  1. Sounds like it could be Oregon to me.

  2. I really don’t understand the infatuation with Oregon. I always thought KY and OSU were in the driver’s seat on this recruitment. If he just wants to get away from home, Clemson and Bama give him that without being on the other side of the country. Stoops need to find a way to keep this kid home.

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