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Healthy Terry Wilson will give UK different dimension

Terry Wilson (Vicky Graff Photo)


Quarterback Terry Wilson led UK to a 10-3 record in 2018 when he threw for over 1,500 yards and 11 scores and rushed for 547 yards before getting hurt in the second game of last season. He was the first UK player ever with 1,500 passing yards and 500 yards rushing in the same season.

He expects to be at full strength when UK opens the season and center Drake Jackson says Wilson’s speed gives the offense a different dimension.

“Just go watch the highlights of the 2018 Florida game and watch Terry run by everybody (in a UK win),” Jackson said. “That’s what we will have this year. He runs the ball different than Lynn (Bowden) but in some ways he’s just as effective … and he’s a quarterback who knows how to throw the football.

“As much as Lynn tried, he could not throw the football like a quarterback should. If he was outside in his backyard throwing, Lynn would have a good arm. But he takes something else to play quarterback in the SEC. People at home do not know how good these guys’ arms are. My first day at UK I realized how hard and accurate these guys throw the ball. Lynn was good but Terry is going to give us something else.

“That’s why no matter who our leading rusher turns out to be, and we have great options, I really think this is going to be one of the best teams we’ve ever had.”


  1. I have no doubt that Terry is physically healed from his injury. It normally takes a season of playing to mentally heal from such injuries. At the same time, it usually takes a season of playing to get your skill level back to 100%. To think Terry will be 100% ready in all 3 areas is wishful at best. Terry may be around 65% in game 1. If he can progress to 90% by season’s end, that may be enough with the strength of our run game.

  2. I will rest a little easier now with UK’s starting Center’s evaluation of TW and how ready he is now. Jackson should know. That said, that last pass Bowden threw against VT was proof that Lynn could be effective passing the football. UK didn’t need to throw the football with the running ability Bowden had. Not many defenses could stop him. If TW is as effective with his legs as Bowden was, and UK, with TW , can throw the football more in 2020, look out SEC.

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