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High basketball IQ will help Isaiah Jackson at UK

Isaiah Jackson (Waterford Mott High School Photo)


One thing that should help Isaiah Jackson when he gets to Kentucky and starts learning what coach John Calipari expects is his basketball IQ.

“We played a fast paced style this year but a more organized style than what he had played in before,” said Waterford Mott (Mich.) coach David McGlown. “He adjusted well.

“I put a lot on his shoulders and needed him to do a lot on the court. He adjusted very well because his basketball IQ is so good. He’s one of the smarter players your will find on the court.”

McGlown says Jackson can show that IQ on defense as well as offense.

“He can block shots but if he knows he cannot get a shot he will not just jump and foul a guy,” McGlown said. “He has the IQ to think whether he can get the block or cannot get it. He makes quick decisions but he makes right decisions.”

Jackson’s high school coach also thinks one change will definitely happen at Kentucky.

“Before last season he lost about 15-20 pounds but then he put that back on and more,” McGlown said. “I cannot imagine what he will be like when he gets on the weight program at Kentucky. He is wiry and I can only imagine what he’s going to be like when they get him all cut.”

McGlown doesn’t think the attention at Kentucky will overwhelm Jackson, who tends to be quiet before getting to know someone.

“He will talk but he is so humble. He’ll talk about teammates or coaches, but doesn’t like talking about himself,” Jackson said. “I think at Kentucky he will need some time to get acclimated to the guys and maybe interviews and stuff. He’ll be more comfortable talking about the team than himself because he’s so humble, but he’ll adjust and be just fine.”

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