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John Calipari: “We just don’t know” about what might happen with college season

John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)


If you are feeling optimistic about the return of college sports this fall, maybe you should pay attention to the cautious tone Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari had Monday during a conversation with sports broadcaster Bob Costas on his “Coffee with Cal” Facebook program.

Calipari basically said it was impossible to make a definite answer about what might happen with sports because of COVID-19.

“We are almost sitting back saying let’s learn, let’s watch, let’s see how this thing plays out,” Calipari said about next season. “My hope is — and I believe everybody’s guessing because we don’t know, but — you want it to happen.

“You’re hoping it happens. You’re hoping there are fans. But we just don’t know. But it changes, like, every week.”

Costas asked the logical question — how can there be sports if there are no students on campus.

That’s when Calipari revealed he had dealt with a different type school calendar when he was basketball coach at UMass when there was nearly a two-month semester break to limit time students were on campus during the winter.

“You had time to bring your team together because it was only us. And they became unbelievable teams,” Calipari said.

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