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John Schlarman never lets UK offensive line get complacent

John Schlarman (UK Photo by Britney Howard)


Kentucky’s Big Blue Wall — the offensive line — has become well known across the Southeastern Conference and returns three of the SEC’s top linemen in center Drake Jackson along with tackles Landon Young and Darian Kinnard.

Jackson, Kinnard and Young blocked for Benny Snell, UK’s all-time leading rusher. They blocked for Lynn Bowden, the surprising star of the SEC last year after he was forced to move from receiver to quarterback.

“I knew we were performing well in 2018 when we went to Florida and ran the ball all over them and won,” Jackson said when asked about the first time he realized how special UK’s offensive line could be.

However, he says offensive line coach John Schlarman never lets the group get satisfied no matter how many wins or accolades come their way.

“He will never let you think you have arrived even after an incredible game,” Jackson said. “He will say something like, ‘You played great but here’s all the stuff you need to fix.’ He never lets you feel like you are the best in the country because he doesn’t want you to stop playing.”

Still, Jackson and his offensive line teammates notice the positive attention coming their way now.

“I won’t lie. I have noticed the attention we have gotten, all the recognition and praise, all the objective stats,” Jackson said. “You really cannot argue with what we have done. It’s al on paper

“We have noticed all that but not felt like we could just let up. We could be so much better. There were some sacks, tackles for losses last year we can fix and will fix this year.”

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  1. Our O line is solid, so is our running game. Wilson will not have to try to do all by himself. Our defense surprised me last year. If they can make a similar showing this year, I can see 8 wins. Of course, the 4 losses will be to Florida, Auburn, Tennessee , and Georgia…another year of not being a divisional contender. We just can’t get an abundance of 5 star talent to come play for us. Stoops will coach up the defense, but Gran will coach down the offense.

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