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Josh Paschal says “being sore a good feeling,” ready to prove predictions wrong

Josh Paschal (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky junior defensive lineman Josh Paschal has a good feeling about the 2020 Kentucky football season.

“This whole team, we’re a brotherhood, and I just feel like this year’s going to be something special,” he said this week during a Zoom conference call with media members. “I know that it’s something that writers can’t predict , but I feel like we’re in for a great season, a great show, and I just can’t wait for it to start.”

Paschal knows that even thought UK has won 18 games, including two bowl games, the last two seasons that the Cats are still being picked to finish in the lower half of the SEC Eastern Division and not win more than six games by some national media members.

Kentucky returns 18 starters off last year’s 8-5 team and that does not include Terry Wilson, the starting quarterback for the first two games before he was injured. Still, CBS Sports predicts UK will win six games. ESPN has the Cats winning just seven.

“This happens every year,” Paschal said. “They (media members) always say we’ll win five games, finish close to last in the East. But every single year that they do that, it just adds fire to the tank and it just gives me chills because I’m ready to play football and just ready to prove people wrong.”

Paschal is also not fretting about things he cannot control like when or if the season will start.

“I have the mindset as if the season is going to start on time and things like that. Whatever happens, if it doesn’t start on time, we’re just going to have to adapt to it. It’s going to be a thing like, just what happened in the spring. We were prepared for scrimmages and things of that sort but they threw a curve ball at us and we adapted,” Paschal said.

“We went home and we had to work out there and things of that sort. As of right now, my mindset is that we’re preparing for the season to start on time and if there’s a curve ball that’s thrown at us again, we’ll be ready for it.”

Paschal is just glad he is back working out with limited teammates this week at UK and knows other Cats will be arriving next week.

“Everybody’s just appreciating being back and just appreciating going to workouts and pulling up to the facility, getting out. We’re appreciating warm-ups, being dead from workouts and things of that sort,” Paschal said.

“Being sore is such a good feeling now and being able to realize we’re getting better each and every day and that we’re progressing.”

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  1. I’m on you side Josh!!! But for starters, UK needs to start beating UT, UF, and MSU on a regular basis and your team will get the respect you are talking about. UT especially. Where is the game this year? Knoxville. Just go win.

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