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Justin Rogers halting interviews due to “bigger issues going on right now”

Justin Rogers


Incoming freshman defensive lineman Justin Rogers continues to impress me with such maturity for an athlete his age.

About two weeks ago he offered to set up media interviews after his school year in Michigan finished. I had already reached out to him and he called me exactly at the designated time he gave me — and was a great interview. I shared a lot of his comments/insights the past few days, including the ones about how he plans to be fan friendly.

However, he’s not doing interviews right now — but he gave a very mature reason why on Twitter Monday.

“I will be canceling the rest of my interviews until a later date. I feel as if it’s insensitive of me to continue doing interviews when they’re bigger issues going on right now. I hope BBN can stand with me! I apologize for getting anyone’s hopes up! #BlackLivesMatter,” Rogers tweeted.

He apologized for deciding to follow his heart at a time when it is heard to concentrate on sports. First it was COVID-19. Now it is the political unrest.

“Being an athlete has to come last in times like this. I hope the rest of my peers and teammates can agree.I’m a black man in America first, this is personal,” Rogers posted on Twitter.

He also was wise enough to understand his words/stance would not be popular with everyone but made it clear he’s sticking to what he believes.

“I will not support or tolerate any negativity being said about what’s going right now! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However this is my page. If you DO NOT agree with me or have anything negative to say please unfollow me,” he posted on Twitter.

He’s right. Everyone should be able to have their own opinion — and there certainly are a lot of opinions out there right — and he’s as entitled to his as anyone else.

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  1. Rogers is right, Black lives do matter, but So do cops’ lives, and white lives, indeed all lives, even unborn babies lives. What happened to George Floyd was murder. The cop responsible is behind bars being held accountable, and probably facing murder 1 right now. Bad cops should be exposed and dealt with. Most everybody agrees with that. Peaceful protests are justified, but the thugs running lose in New York, Philly, Chicago, Louisville, Los Angeles, etc. should be held accountable as well for what they are doing to people and property. Consider this as well, there is a lot of Black on White crime across our land in this day and age too, let’s be honest here. Look it up for yourself, plenty of horrendous cases to prove it are documented. Go read about it. It don’t matter if your black or white, you are to obey the laws of the land and respect law enforcement, not coddled. That is not happening in many cities right now. Police officers are frustrated as they are being gunned down on a regular basis now in every major city it seems. What we watched go down in Mid Town Manhattan last night on national tv sure didn’t help matters at all. I am saddened as a citizen to see such disrespect for law and order, both from black and white people. This is about being a law abiding responsible citizen, It should not be about being black or white. Keep going down that road and it is going to get real ugly if that is possible. It is about respecting each other as Americans, and as human beings made in the image of God. Let’s take New York City as an example, where is The Gov of New York, and the Mayor of New York City? Their city is destroyed right in front of the nation, and they seem to be AWOL. They are a disgrace.

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