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Mike Pratt says mock draft without Nick Richards is “BS”

Nick Richards (UK Athletics Photo)


It has been about a month since former UK All-American Mike Pratt talked in depth to NBA sources about where Kentucky’s Tyrese Maxey, Immanuel Quickley, Nick Richards, EJ Montgomery and Ashton Hagans might go in the draft because it is still so far off.

However, he still has solid insights about what could happen.

“They (NBA personnel) were really intrigued with Quickley and Nick,” Pratt said. “Those guys stood out the most when I was talking to guys. Some liked the way Ashton plays defense but have him sliding to late in the second round.

“The other two will be early in the second round. Or certainly no later that middle of the second round for Nick and Quick.”

What about mock drafts that don’t include the 7-foot Richards on their lists?

“That is BS. Somebody is going to take chance on guy as long and athletic as he is,” Pratt said. “The second round used to be the kiss of death. But now you get with the right team, get put in the G-League and get time to do things because a team thinks it has got a steal at a lower cost and can afford to develop the player. A lot of teams have got great mileage out of second round picks.

“The kid still has a huge upside. The game is playing outside-in. I have watched Nick shoot the 3 in practice. He can do that. Cal would not let him in games because that was not part of the offense. But you have got a guy who is a rim protector, runs like a deer and now you can open up his offense and he becomes a solid rotation player.”


  1. Mike is spot on with his assessment of Nick, would like to see him selected by Miami who appreciates Kentucky trained players.

  2. All those guys needed another year or two at UK IMO. This is a crap shoot now for them.

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