Nick Richards, Ashton Hagans potential second round NBA draft sleepers

Nick Richards (Vicky Graff Photo)


The way Krysten Peek of Yahoo Sports sees the upcoming NBA Draft, Kentucky has two players she labels as “second round sleepers.”

Richards, who averaged 14 points, 7.8 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game last season, believes the COVID-19 outbreak has hurt Richards’ draft stock

“With no workouts, no combine which he would have dominated I think, this unique draft year has hurt Nick,” Peek said. “When it is just Zoom calls, I don’t think he is excelling in that aspect.”

Here is part of what Peek wrote for Yahoo:

“Even though Richards is already 22 years old, there is still room for growth. This past season, according to Synergy Sports, Richards ranked in the 98th percentile offensively, scoring 431 points on 367 shooting possessions. Seventy-eight percent of his points came in the paint in post-ups, and the 6-foot-11 prospect shot 75.2 percent from the free-throw line. The modern-day NBA game caters to guards and playmakers, but teams still need bigs. The improvement Richards showed his junior year could be a springboard to his NBA potential.”

Hagans averaged 11.5 points and 6.4 assists — best in the SEC — per game last season and also had 58 steals, second most in the SEC.

Here is part of what Peek wrote about Hagans:

“Hagans is excellent in iso situations, making 63 percent of his shots off the dribble in one-on-one matchups. He prefers playing downhill and likes to get to the rim or dish to a teammate. In catch-and-shoot situations, he only made nine of 33 attempts. Hagans is a true point guard who is athletic and can facilitate an offense, but in a point guard-heavy draft, he could fall. If Hagans can develop his outside shot, he might end up being one of the best players to come out of this draft.”

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Here is the link to Peek’s story about five second round draft sleepers.

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