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Prep coach says John Wall “was not able to score like Terrence Clarke”

John Wall is a former No. 1 NBA draft pick but a high school coach says Terrence Clarke is also special. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Saying that Terrence Clarke is John Calipari’s best recruit since John Wall, a former No. 1 overall NBA draft pick, is certainly lofty praise. However, one high school coach says it is not a stretch to believe that is true.

“No that is not absurd. That kid has a lot of talent,” Our Savior (New York) coach Peter Wehye said. “If he puts it together … I mean John Wall was big and fast but John Wall was not able to score like a Terrence Clarke. He can score that basketball.”

What? Clarke can score better than Wall?

“He can still do it even when you know he’s going to try and score,” Wehye, who brings his team to Kentucky several times each season to play in Grind Session events in western Kentucky, said.

“My biggest thing is he can pass but he has to make sure he passes the ball a little bit more (at Kentucky) unless they let him play the 2. Then you have what we call in New York a certified bucket.”

Wehye has watched Clarke often in summer play and coached against hm.

“Tough kid. He wants to win a lot. Sometimes you see him get frustrated because he wants to win. My experience with him he was not a bad kid in my eyes. He just competes,” Wehye said.


  1. That is all well and good, but if there is a 20/21 season, that team is going to need help on the defensive end and rebounding. Points shouldn’t be a problem if Boston and Clarke are all people say they are, but can they get 10 to 12 rebounds between them? Will they play defense and do so without getting in foul trouble?

    1. You have two top 10 picks in your starting lineup with length.

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