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Terry Wilson had recent scare that convinced his mother his knee really is fine again

Quarterback Terry Wilson’s knee must be better because recently he had to sprint to outrun a loose dog coming at him.  (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Just in case you had been wondering how Kentucky quarterback Terry Wilson was progressing from the knee injury suffered in game two of the 2019 season that ended his year, the senior has left little doubt about it on social media.

“Y’all wait and see what happens when I touch that field again. Trust me,” Wilson posted on Twitter.

A day later he followed it with this tweet:  “And I can finally say I’m back! And healthy!! Been a long road.. *3 is ready for the tour.”

Yet he did have a scare recently that could have ruined his comeback plans after leading UK to 10 wins in 2018 and then missing the final 10 games last year.
His mother, Loise Wilson,  called it a “funny story” now because the ending came out okay. But it had a few anxious moments.
The UK quarterback had called his mother in Oklahoma to tell her he was about to go out with teammate A.J. Rose, who was driving and already in the car waiting for Wilson.
“Terry is coming downstairs and he’s off his crutches. He’s going to get into car and he told me he had a feeling something  was coming up on him really fast,” Loise Wilson said.
She told him that was a “quarterback feeling” he had like knowing when a defender was moving in to sack him in the pocket.
“He looked over his shoulder and it was a loose dog running at him full speed,” the UK quarterback’s mother said. “He was about 20 or 30 feet from the car. He said, ’Mom I dropped my phone and everything. I ran to the car.’”
He jumped into the car just before the dog could have knocked him down or maybe bit him.
“That was just God making you know your knee was good is what I told him,” Loise Wilson laughed and said. “That is when I felt like he was going to recover. I knew his rehab was going good and that it was something you love to hate. He did it and took it on like he always does. But when he outran that dog to get into the car, I knew he was back.”

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