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UK signee Terrence Clarke a “freak of nature”

Terrence Clarke


Just how good could Terrence Clarke be for Kentucky next season?

He’s a top 10 player nationally and already is being projected as a first-round pick in the 2021 NBA draft. Kentucky fans believe he could be the key to next year’s team that coach John Calipari has to rebuild almost from scratch.

Marshall County point guard Zion Harmon, a Western Kentucky commit, calls the 6-6 Clarke a “freak of nature” for various reasons.

“It’s just the way with how long he is and how long his arms are and the way he can get his shot at that height so consistently,” Harmon said.

Kentucky fans should like this, too.

“His motor never stops,” Harmon said. “There are a lot of plusses to his game.”

Clarke, who played at Brewster Academy in Massachusetts, reclassified to the 2020 class and Harmon said that was a move he was “for sure” ready to make.

“He was ready for college last season,” Harmon said.

Clarke is known for his speed getting the ball from one end of the court to the other. But he’s no John Wall, the fastest player Calipari has had at Kentucky.

“John Wall had a speed to him. Terrence plays at his pace. You are not going to rush him,” Harmon said. “He is just a smooth operator but John Wall had some speed and played a little bit different than anybody else.”

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  1. John Wall was good, but not great. He and Bledsoe let a third string guard get the best of them in the Regional Final against West Virginia. They simply got out played due to a lack of effort. WVU wanted that win, we assumed it was ours by just showing up.

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