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Colleges calling off fall sports, others suspending workouts cannot be good signs for fall sports

Chris Mack’s Louisville basketball team has had to temporarily suspend workouts due to COVID-19.


I know most of us are wanting to believe we can have high school and college sports this fall but I just don’t know.

Division III’s Centennial Conference announced Tuesday that fall sports, including football, would be suspended due to COVID-19. The statement also said the conference is exploring the possibility of playing certain sports, like football, in the spring.
The Centennial Conference has 11 schools in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Then the Ivy League announced on Wednesday that there would be no football in 2020. The Ivy League became the first Division I league to decide not to play any fall sports due to COVID-19. It won’t start any sports before Jan. 1, again a move no other conference has decided to make for winter sports like basketball.

Now obviously these conference due not have big TV contracts that funds entire athletic programs and both leagues could push football back to the spring if that’s what they wanted to do

Ohio State also announced on Wednesday that workouts for athletic teams were being put on hold due to recent COVID-19 test results. That means no workouts for men’s and women’s basketball, field hockey, football, men’s and women’s soccer and volleyball.

North Carolina also announced it has suspended workouts due to positive tests. Houston, Kansas and Kansas State had already suspended workouts. Louisville men’s basketball has suspended all voluntary workouts for the men’s basketball team.

Obviously, schools have time to halt workouts now and hopefully take care of the positive tests. But is there really a way to halt the positive tests based on numbers continuing to rise nationwide.

And if college teams are having these issues and making these decisions, how can high school sports expect to find a way to safety play?

Lot of tough decisions coming for college and high school administrators who have no right or wrong answers because they have no way of knowing what might happen three days, three weeks or three months from now.


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  1. Lets be real, the corona virus is out of control in most of the country. The thought of even having school in the classroom now is ridiculous, much less the idea of resuming sports. The idea that so many people refuse to take this serious, even if it kills them will have historians renaming this the idiot virus.

  2. It is all political now. Yes there are more Covid19 cases now because of more testing, it is that simple, but the death rate continues to drop like a rock. Young people and children recover well, that is the science of it all. This is being driven now by liberals in the medical and political fields. People that have a far different agenda these days. Like the same ones that want two National anthems at NFL games, a black one to be sung first, and after that, the real National anthem. My My!! If Americans don’t put a stop to this insanity we will cease to be the America I grew up in, and sports might never be what it once was. I gave up on the NFL and NBA long ago.

  3. Yes, there are more people being tested, but there is a much higher percentage of those people testing positive. The virus has mutated and is 10 times more contagious. I hope you or anyone you know doesn’t come down with it, but you have got to keep your distance from crowds until a vaccine or cure is found.

    1. Look at the death toll percentages 33. More people will die from suicide if America don’t get back to work than Covid19 will ever kill. Plus the U S economy will collapse. Another thing that is happening in the death totals we see is the medical bean counters are using Covid19 as the cause of many deaths, when it really was not. Don’t tell me that is not going on across this land. There are also a ton of liberals in the medical profession that are perpetuating Covid19 restrictions in this election year. Listen, lets cut to the chase, if Biden the socialist wins in Nov, watch the Covid19 problem mysteriously disappear come 2021. I’m not saying don’t take proper precautions, but common sense must prevail now, and most Americans are sick and tired of Covid19 restrictions. If these major college AD’s and power 5 conference “big shots” shut down sports in the fall they are nuts. It will hurt major universities big time who depend on sports revenue to fund the athletic departments and pay the huge coaching salaries we see today, and the huge recruiting, equipment, and travel budgets. If it happens, so be it, I will not lose a minute of sleep. But I have to eat, and my grown children have to feed their families. Time to get America up and running.

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