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High school coach says Terrence Clark “natural scorer with his size and length”

Terrence Clarke


He’s never coached Terrence Clark, but he’s coached against the incoming Kentucky freshman guard often and Our Savior Lutheran (N.Y.) coach Peter Wehye has never failed to be impressed.

He’s seen him in the EYBL and also in New York in a tournament Nike puts together for different neighborhood teams.

“Terrence is a good kid. He knows our kids and I have had a lot chances to see him play. Very, very well mannered dude and very talented,” Wehye said.

“He is a natural scorer with his size and length. He can shoot the basketball. He can put the ball on the floor You can put him in pick and rolls. He can shoot the deep 3. He is great at finishing at the basket. He is always finishing above the rim. He is able to do a lot of things offensively.”

Wehye says it is not absurd to think that Clarke could be John Calipari’s best recruit since John Wall, a former overall No. 1 NBA draft pick.

“I mean John Wall was big and fast but John Wall was not able to score like a Terrence Clarke. He can score that basketball,” Wehye said. “He can still do it even when you know he’s going to try and score.

“My biggest thing is he can pass but he has to make sure he passes the ball a little bit more (at Kentucky) unless they let him play the 2. Then you have what we call in New York a certified bucket.

“Tough kid. He wants to win a lot. Sometimes you see him get frustrated because he wants to win. My experience with him he was not a bad kid in my eyes. He just competes.”

Clarke is not a New York player — he’s from Boston and played at Brewster Academy in New Hampshire — but Wehye says he has the characteristics of many New York players.

“A major college coach told me once he wanted guys from the east coast on his team, especially from New York,” Wehye said. “There is a lot of good weather on the west coast but in New York it snows, rains. You have to take the train to get places.

“There are a lot of things you have to do in the east that makes it rougher coming up and gives you that edge. Terrence has that. It helps guys. That’s what happens when you come from the east coast. To me, that’s just another plus for Terrence.”

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