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If there is high school football, look for media access restriction on, off field

Media members likely will not have up close access during games to players like Frederick Douglas High School teammates Dekel Crowdus, left, and Jager Burton this season if there is football.


If there is high school football in Kentucky this fall, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association will have to provide a list of required safety mandates not only for players, coaches and fans but also media covering sports (something colleges will have to do as well).

“We will have a series of recommendations on the media that will probably scare some school districts to death,” said KHSAA commissioner Julian Tackett during an appearance on WPBK-FM last week. “I think bringing outsiders to the press box right now is not the right thing to do.

“A lot of time with regular-season contests you will see a broadcaster with his kid or spouse in the press box with him. They do not need to be up there. It needs to be for business only.”

Tackett said there likely will be restrictions on how many people should be in the press box. Recommendations could also be coming to keep media off the sideline which certainly would complicate outlets with photographers who normally take pictures on the field.

“We are going to extend the (team) box from the 10 (yard line) to the 10 and there’s going to be a big emphasis on keeping everybody out of there except players and team personnel,” Tackett said. “We just have to restrict who is down there.

“There are also going to have to be some restrictions at least on where people can go. That may well have to be local decisions but those decisions are going to have to be made.”

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  1. I doubt if hs or college football is a go this year. These Covid19 restrictions and liberal doctors, and politicians, have everybody spooked to the point of forgetting common sense. The violent protests still go on though daily across our land, but they don’t want to do anything about that it seems.

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