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If there is no football season, then UK football really is cursed

Kentucky returns a terrific offensive line — if there is a football season. (Vicky Graff Photo)


After winning 18 games, including two bowl games, the last two seasons I quit hearing University of Kentucky football fans talk about the curse of UK football.

You know, the curse that seem to cause UK to snatch defeat from victory so many times in the last 50 plus years.

That was a culture that former coach Rich Brooks worked to change and had going that way before the program slid back under Joker Phillips. Now coach Mark Stoops has done a remarkable job putting a terrific program together.

But the curse? Well, maybe it is real.

Kentucky figures to have one of its best teams in the last 40 plus years this season. The Cats have one of the Southeastern Conference’s best offensive lines and secondaries. They have an All-American punter in Max Duffy and deep group of running backs.

Then there is the expected return of quarterback Terry Wilson, who led UK to 10 wins in 2018 before missing all but 1 1/2 games last year with a knee injury.

If that’s not enough, this could be the deepest team I can remember at Kentucky. Deeper than the 1977 team that won 10 games. Deeper than the 2018 team that won 10 games.

But COVID-19 is going to — at best — shorten the season or — at worst — wipe out the entire season.

If the Cats can’t play this year, it will be a crushing blow to UK coaches, players and fans. No one wants football at any cost, but the expectations are so high for UK this year that it would be hard to believe the Cats are not cursed if this season is wiped out by COVID-19.


  1. I say play the season, but it probably will not happen because in reality there are far to many liberal politicians, and doctors involved now, that want to hurt the U S economy by shutting everything down, including sports. They are being successful at it too. Don’t think so? Open your eyes. Keep telling yourself that this virus is bad enough to shut the whole economy down and see what happens to America economically. So, sadly it looks bad for any football come fall at any level. I could care less about the NFL. Next point, it’s a very important election year. The most important one in my lifetime for sure. This virus scare is being used to hurt the current President of the USA. It is that simple. Again use common sense, but get the country in gear again is my view, and I’m sticking to it.

    UK was poised and loaded for a potentially great season, what a bummer! Still, to live up to all the hype being spun these days about the “Big Blue” football team, UK would still have to go out there and prove it on the field. Not an easy chore in the SEC with the schedule in front of them. They may not even get that chance now, and that is a tragedy for all longtime UK football fans. Stoops now must work overtime to recruit even better athletes in the future to make up for a potentially lost season of hard work put in to build a program from the ground up that could have done some damage in 2020. I still have a glimmer of hope, but it is fading.

  2. College Sports like we know it will be changed forever! If Football and Basketball are not played this year there will be no money for any sports. Baseball will be the first to go and they are ok with their minor league system. Only Football and Basketball will survive on the men’s side and whatever women’s sports to satisfy Title 9 mandates. Soccer, Golf, Rifle, and other non money producing sports are gone.

    Makes you wonder if the cure is worth it or are we over reacting to the unknown?

  3. Larry let’s change the word “cursed” around to “crushed”. To me cursed would mean we were the only team it happed to. “Crushed” is better IMHO in that this looks like it is stacking up to be a really good team and it’s keeping ALL teams from playing thus this “NCAA class is cursed” you could say. For sure our Cats look really good, beyond just the August speculation stories. Really sad for sure, I’m “crushed” by this covid19 thing stopping this season…Go Cats!

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