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John Calipari, UK “confident” about Olivier Sarr’s eligibility

John Calipari said today Olivier Sarr has a “great case” for eligibility. (Zoom Photo)


During a Zoom call with media members today, Kentucky coach John Calipari said he remains confident about the NCAA granting a waiver so Wake Forest transfer Olivier Sarr can be eligible next season … but he also made sure to note it is not a given he will be eligible.

“Olivier’s stuff has been in,” said Calipari about the waiver. “We’re waiting to hear. We feel confident, but you never know until you hear it’s good to go. He’s got a great case but you never know.”

That’s because it is the NCAA.

Calipari said because “every kid that leaves us is ruled eligible (to play) right away” by the NCAA that he has an idea about what it takes to get a waiver. The UK coach said the cases fall into “three different buckets” to be considered.

“Some are more high profile (transfers) like this one, so they will be more in tune (about Sarr) because it is a high profile case,” Calipari said.

That got my attention so I asked the coach if he was saying the NCAA looked at players transferring to UK differently and didn’t make decisions the same way as they do for other schools.

“They’ll red-flag it because it’s Kentucky and it’s Olivier Sarr because he’s one of the best transfers and make sure they have it right,” Calipari said.

“I don’t know that they treat us any different. It’s just more of a high profile case so they will look at it (longer).”

Calipari also would not go into detail about why he thought Sarr had a “great case” to be eligible.

“The bucket thing is what they talk about publicly with the NCAA. Where this fits in, I am not at liberty to say,” Calipari said.


  1. We could have and should have submitted Oliver’s request for a waiver a month sooner. I don’t know why there was a delay. It gives the Indiana based NCAA one more excuse to drag their feet with a response.

  2. Thank you for the question you asked.

    1. Glad you approved Sarah. Just an easy follow up to ask

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