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No state high school band championships due to COVID-19 worries “disappointing” for students, parents


Let me make it clear that I have never played a musical instrument and never had a child participate in band in middle school or high school. So my knowledge of competitive high school band season is limited at best.

However, I do understand the disappointment high school students and their parents across the state felt when the Kentucky Music Educators Association’s marching band committed voted to cancel the 2020 State Marching Band Championships.

That would be like the Kentucky High School Athletic Association announcing the state football playoffs won’t be held. Or the state basketball tournament was off — which actually did happen in March.
Immediately I saw where Woodford County, Lafayette and some other schools cancelled band for this school year.

That made me wonder what bands like Danville and Boyle County might do, so I reached out to a few parents for their comments (not using their names to avoid any possibility of someone not being happy they talked).

A Danville parent told the band “may” still do a halftime football show if school resumes and there is football. The band may also try some competitions in the spring.

“Concerts will continue, again, if we are ever allowed to resume school in-person,” the Danville parent said.

Apparently plans at Boyle still call for halftime football shows — again pending there is football.

“As long as there is football the kids will keep going. Our director is trying to make the best of it and give the kids everything he can for as long as they let him,” the Boyle mother of two band students said.

She said her daughter cried when she heard the news and her son was angry, too.

“I’m sad for the kids and I hope they can go for a good few weeks,” the parent said.

Another Boyle parent said the band is limited to six hours of practice per week and that will continue as long as they are allowed. They are practicing by sections to maintain small groups and proper social distancing.

“They will probably do some fun things. It’s better than nothing I guess. I’m glad my child isn’t a senior this year. This has been so disappointing for them,” the second Boyle parent said.

Disappointing is probably an understatement just like it was for basketball teams at the state tournament, spring sports teams that had no season and what could still be an iffy next few months for fall sports.

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  1. I’m for sports to start, but when a band cantt compete for state title then all fall sports should be cancelled. You got to put things in perspective across the board. To make it all fair!!

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