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Plan B on wedding day worked fine for Haleigh and Landon Young

Haleigh and Landon Young went to Plan B for their wedding Saturday but everything worked out perfectly. (Betty Lea Photography)


Maybe it was not the traditional wedding Landon Young and Haleigh Johnson envisioned, but that certainly did not spoil anything.

“It was such a range of emotions for everybody. Happy, overjoyed, lot of happy tears. I just couldn’t ask for a better day,” said Angela Young, Landon’s mother.

The Kentucky offensive lineman and his fiancee were married Saturday, an event they scheduled before the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything for all of us.

“We were happy that they were allowed to have 50 people (at the wedding),” Angele Young said. “All were immediate family along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. It worked out okay and their best friends stood with him.”

Angela Young said her daughter-in-law and her mother did a “wonderful” job decorating and planning.

“They were planning for an outside wedding and luckily had Plan B where they had it,” Angela Young said. “We call it a shed, but it is a refurbished tobacco barn and has a nice outside patio. The decision was made Saturday morning to move under the patio and it fit everybody.”

Young’s mother said her son was nervous but also excited about marrying Haleigh.

“My stress was not too bad but I was not the mother of the bride. But Haleigh and Landon took it all in stride. They made a plan and stuck to it and got all decisions made to make it happen,” Angela Young said.
“They never changed the date. If it had just been moms and dads and a minister, they said we will do it at the venue or the backyard. They were going to get married.”

That’s partially because of Young’s football schedule. The Cats are have started workouts in hopes the season starts on schedule or not much later. Young was rated as the SEC’s second best returning offensive tackle and is projected as a NFL draft pick in 2021.

“They went on a honeymoon for a few days,” Angela Young said Wednesday. “They will be back Thursday. They just got a couple of days to go out and relax, but that was fine with both of them. They’re just happy to be married and Haleigh understands what’s coming up for Landon.”

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  1. Didn’t a single guy warn him “don’t do it Landon!”……..Just kidding. I just celebrated 52 years of marriage. Congrats to them both. Be in it until “death do you part” is my advice. Landon is one of my favorites, a mountain of a young man, and a good football player for the up and coming Cats. Haleigh was beautiful. Nice to read a happy ending story these days. Good luck to the newly weds.

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