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Recruiting analyst David Sisk likes Skyy Clark to UK, also believes he will reclassify

Skyy Clark


As soon as Skyy Clark got a scholarship offer from Kentucky, writer David Sisk put in his college pick for Kentucky.

The 6-2 junior point guard is an elite player who continues to add scholarship offers daily, but he’s been linked to Kentucky by several recruiting analysts.

“My buddy at Cats Illustrated, Travis Graf, has been all over this one. We have spoken with Skyy and his father, Kenny, many, many times. We’ve texted, talked on the phone, Zoomed, and even have gone out to eat,” Sisk said.

“I have spoken with enough prospects and parents over the years to know when it is right. They absolutely just love the Kentucky program and the coaches. There has even been talk about who he would like to play with.

“I know it’s easy to be led down the rabbit hole in recruiting, but this is a stand-up family. Their word has been good as gold, so there isn’t any hyperbole when they talk about their fondness for the program.”

Clark joined “Sources Say Podcats” Friday and Sisk now believes it is 50-50 on whether he reclassifies or not to the 2021 recruiting class.

“He is going to take all of his senior core classes next year, so he should meet all of the requirements academically,” Sisk said.  “He is not dodging the subject when asked. In fact, he is very transparent and volunteered the information.

“Academically and physically he should be ready to make the jump after his junior season. Personally, I lean toward him reclassifying.”

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