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Swaggy John Calipari obviously really likes this team

Freshman Terrence Clarke is one of the players John Calipari really like. (Brewster Academy Photo)


It’s only  mid-July and we still wonder if there will be a college basketball season or what it might be like, but one thing is clear — Kentucky coach John Calipari really likes the team he’s going to have.

Calipari was very swaggy Tuesday during a Zoom call with media members and seemed just as swaggy today as I listened to him on Kentucky Sports Radio with Matt Jones while I was taking my morning run.

Remember Calipari doesn’t know if Wake Forest transfer Olivier Sarr is going to be eligible. Remember that he’s not even been in a gym with his freshmen and other transfers. He’s not seen a hopefully healthy Dontaie Allen.

Yet he’s talking about how much he hopes it might be a normal season because he wants to see his team play in the NCAA Tournament.

He told Jones every UK player must have a high level of talent. But great teams have more than that.

“The second thing you have to have is, you really have to be into your team and sharing and your whole thing in your mindset is. How good can I be?  How good a teammate can I be?” Calipari said before adding that sometimes recruits he loses are players who maybe don’t want to accept that part of playing at Kentucky.

Again, remember Calipari has not yet been with this group. That will come in a limited fashion starting Monday. Yet he told Jones the players have “all bought into that” philosophy already.

“We got some really good players,” Calipari said.

He noted that has happened a few times at Kentucky — 2012 and 2015 for sure — and when it happens he has had “unbelievable teams” each time.

“That’s, like I said, where the work comes in,” Calipari said.

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