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Terry Wilson says everything about team workouts feels “natural” despite COVID-19 woes

Terry Wilson (Vicky Graff Photo)


Terry Wilson knows nothing is normal about preparation for the 2020 season that we now know hopefully will start for Kentucky and other Southeastern Conference teams on Sept. 26.

Yet during an appearance on the Paul Finnebaum Show this week, Wilson told the radio/TV show host that it did feel normal.

“I feel like you would be surprised how it feels that everything is normal,” Wilson told Finnebaum.

Okay, I was surprised. How is it normal? Wilson said the workouts, lifting weights, running and pass drills all are like other years.

“Everything feels natural, up tempo. It is our first time doing 7 on 7 and running over routes and doing things,” Wilson said.

“We are full go now. Everybody is just amped up. Defense is communicating, offense is pumped up. We are just working hard.

“You can tell the guys are just ready for any news. We all want to play this season and that is what we are looking forward to.”

Thursday’s news about a 10-game conference only schedule starting Sept. 26 was more than just any news. It was about the best case scenario given the COVID-19 worries.

“At the (training) facility they are doing a good job keeping us bubbled and making sure we are following protocols,” Wilson said. “We are all adjusting.

“We are really hungry for this season. This is season we have been working for. Everybody is back and we are ready to go. It is a change but we have had to adapt because we want to play.”

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  1. Good news. Go get em Cats!!!!

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