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Western Kentucky’s offer to play Kentucky and give money to charity should get Calipari’s attention

Rick Stansbury with Marshall County Hoopfest organizer Dan Hudson. (Larry Vaught Photo)


Sooner or later Kentucky is going to have to play Western Kentucky in basketball.

As soon as Rick Stansbury got the job at Western, he wasted no time indicating he would like to play Kentucky and would be willing to find creative ways to make it happen.

So it was not a huge shock Tuesday after Kentucky announced it would be playing UAB and Marshall, two Conference-USA teams, next season that the Hilltoppers responded since the Hilltoppers are also a Conference USA team.

“If you’re making the C-USA tour, give us a call back sometime! We’re ready and right down the road,” read a tweet from the official men’s Western Kentucky basketball account.
Western tied for second in Conference USA last year and returns former Kentucky Mr. Basketball Taveion Hollingsworth, a talented guard, and Charles Bassey, a top interior player.
It didn’t stop there.
“Oh, and our previous offer for these dates still stands. Play us and we’ll give the full guarantee check to charity to help within our state,” the Western basketball site posted.

That’s a pretty hefty offer and knowing Kentucky coach John Calipari’s propensity for helping charities, this is something that could get Calipari’s attention.

Kentucky Sports Radio’s Nick Roush noted Tuesday afternoon that a Kentucky spokesman confirmed UK is talking to Western about a future game.

“Our nonconference schedule is complete for this upcoming season but we will continue to discuss scheduling opportunities with WKU for future seasons,” a UK spokesman told Roush.
The last time the two in-state teams played each other was the 2012 NCAA Tournament. The last regular-season game was in 2001.


  1. Play “em” UK, and shut the glory hound Stansbury up. Beat him by about 30, and he’ll quiet down quick. Ain’t it funny how teams like WKU and IU want to ride UK’s coat tails? Stansbury is not in this for the money WKU would make, but only for the glory that would come his way from a potential victory against the Kentucky “flagship” university, and No.1 basketball program in the country. That said, it is an offer that would be hard for Calipari to turn down since charity would get a nice pay day. I say it happens in the future.

  2. Stansbury thinks he can get the best of Coach. If it gets schedule as one of the first 5 games, he might be right.

    1. I doubt it.

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