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Stoops expects Kash Daniel, T.J. Carter to play this year

Kash Daniel (56) and Landon Young (67) could both play as freshmen. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Kash Daniel (56) and Landon Young (67) could both play as freshmen. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Freshmen Kash Daniel, a linebacker, and T.J. Carter, a defensive lineman, apparently will both play this season.

“I think T.J. Carter is a guy that will play, that we’ll need to bring along and play. Kash, I think is a guy that we have to look at defensively,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said after Monday’s practice.

He did not mention any freshmen offensive players even though offensive coordinator Eddie Gran has indicated running back Benny Snell and tackle Landon Young have both impressed him.

Stoops on Walker, Laster, Brown


After Saturday’s scrimmage, Kentucky coach Mark Stoops offered a few personnel updates.

— Injuries: “Blake Bone’s still nursing that hamstring. Dorian Baker’s got a little ham, hamstring as well. Other than that, we’re in pretty good shape. Of course Darius (West) is out. We’ll see.”

— Kobie Walker: “Kobie is very versatile. He makes good plays because he’s very active. He’s a guy that you need with some of the things we’re doing, he makes loose plays. Where he’s supposed to be outside and if they’re overreaching, then he comes under and makes a play. He’s active when he pressures and he can cover. We’re bringing him along. He’s definitely going to be an important piece of the package.”

Eliot praises Kobie Walker, Josh Allen, Denzil Ware

D.J. Eliot (Vicky Graff Photo)

D.J. Eliot (Vicky Graff Photo)


LEXINGTON, Ky. — Another two-a-day practice Wednesday for the University of Kentucky football team as the Wildcats now have just one week remaining in camp before breaking for school to begin next Wednesday.

The first practice of the day occurred mostly inside Commonwealth Stadium, even with rain covering most of the Lexington area, to put the players through “some rain elements,” according to defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot.
“Got to practice in the rain again, which is good to get in those elements,” Eliot said. “We also got to be in the stadium again, which is good to be in that environment as much as possible. We are in the grind here, which is a good test for our players to push them through the grind. We have already had a good number of two-a-days and we have had some good physical practices and we will have to continue to tell our players to fight through the grind because the SEC season is a grind. So we still have some things to clean up and still have a lot of time to do that. We will have another practice today and another chance to get better and we look forward to that.”
One question around the defense heading into fall camp was the depth on the defensive line, which took a hit when head coach Mark Stoops announced last week that Regie Meant was out indefinitely due to personal reasons. On Wednesday, Eliot said the pass rush was coming along nicely with several players performing well so far in camp.
“I think that Kobie Walker is doing an excellent job as a pass rusher for us as are Josh Allen and Denzil Ware. They are doing some good things and on the inside Courtney Miggins is doing some good things,” Eliot said.
Tuesday, starting quarterback Drew Barker praised the defense for throwing a lot of different blitz options at him. Eliot said those blitz options are made to confuse a quarterback and is about the guys not only making sure they do their assigments, but make the blitz look a certain way.
“Anytime you start running a lot of different blitzes that comes with a lot of assignment and the look has to look right,” Eliot said. “I tell our defensive players all the time, I am not trying to beat their offensive coordinator, I am trying to beat the quarterback. I am not trying to confuse their offensive coordinator, I am trying to confuse their quarterback. When they run a blitz, if they don’t make it look a certain way, then that is not going to confuse the quarterback. It is executing the assignments and making that blitz look a certain way.

Eliot seems confident Kobie Walker will play


Kobie Walker has yet to play a game at Kentucky after being redshirted last season, But defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot re-emphasized Wednesday that he is a “very good player” who could help UK at linebacker this year.

“Kobie is extremely athletic for his size. And Kobie has had a good training camp. I think Kobie, if there was a game tomorrow, you would see Kobie play quite a bit,” Eliot said.

Part of the reason is that he can cover the pass.

“He has the ability to cover like a safety and he has the size to play like a linebacker,” Eliot said.

De’Niro Laster, Kobie Walker impressing Stoops at linebacker


Kentucky needs to find playmakers at linebacker and Kentucky coach Mark Stoops sounded Tuesday that he likes what he is seeing from transfer De’Niro Laster and redshirt freshman Kobie Walker.

Stoops said Laster, a transfer from Minnesota, has a “high motor” daily and is being used at both inside and outside linebacker.

“He’s versatile. We’ve got to find the right spot for him. He could play outside; he could play inside just as well. I’m anxious to see how we progress here through spring and see how he does. I have high hopes for him and we’ve got to make sure we put him in the right spot,” Stoops said.