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TBF-VAUGHTS-VIEWSWriting for www.lex18.com has been a new experience for me and I’m looking forward to what lies ahead working with the sports team of Alan Cutler, Dorian Craft and Keith Farmer as well as other at WLEX-TV.

Hopefully those of you who come here regularly to check for UK news will also make sure to go to the WLEX site to see my stories as well as much, much UK coverage provided by the WLEX sports staff.

Joining WLEX-TV, Cutler, Farmer and Craft a special blessing and opportunity


TBF-VAUGHTS-VIEWSWhen I made the decision to leave The Advocate-Messenger after 41 years, I was not sure what the future might hold. I knew I wanted to find work, but only the right kind of work.

Today I couldn’t be happier by WLEX-TV’s decision to let me be part of their online sports coverage. To have a chance to work with Alan Cutler, Keith Farmer and Dorian Craft — the real WLEX-TV sports pros —and the other great folks at the station (especially you Melissa Ratliff) is like a dream come true for me.